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If you’ve ever looked at our website, you will no doubt have seen the term ‘360 Marketing’ mentioned in various places, but what does it actually mean? It may seem pretty self explanatory, but here we’re going to take you through our interpretation of what 360 Marketing means and why it’s critical to the success of any marketing strategy.

In simple terms it’s about a holistic approach to marketing, using multiple channels in order to place your brand and messaging in front of prospective customers, seeing it through to the end, to actually generate leads.

We often see and hear about marketing plans that are not delivering a return, there may be a variety of different reasons for this, for example:

  • Not aligned with the businesses goals, objectives and messaging.
  • Using the wrong channels to reach target market.
  • Not targeting relevant audiences within chosen platforms.
  • Lack of analytics or monitoring to understand what is working, and what isn’t.
  • Wrong goals, for example; focusing on traffic, likes, followers, call stats rather than leads and conversion.
  • No accountability; someone to take ownership of success and failure, as well as holding other departments in the business to account.
  • And last, but by no means least; NOT FOLLOWING UP ON THE OPPORTUNITIES CREATED.


So, what does 360 Marketing mean to us…

What we are about to tell you is nothing new, it is simply about making sure all elements of marketing are aligned.

A key to any marketing is ensuring your plan is mapped out from cradle to grave, ensuring your brand, website and company goals & objectives are all aligned and reinforcing the same messaging across all marketing channels, right through to the humble ‘Telephone’.

Your website should form the hub of your marketing activities, whichever channels you use to reach your audience, these campaigns will typically be driving users to your website, whether it’s email campaigns, social media, AdWords (PPC) advertising or even offline campaigns.

In this digital age it is becoming common place for companies and even sales teams to shy away from the good old fashioned telephone, turning to digital marketing as their golden ticket to success. This is often met with disappointment, leading to them wondering which ingredient they are missing..

The reality is that you can send email campaign after email campaign, keep refining and improving (which is certainly not wasted effort and will lead to some occasional results), but guess what? Those that actually pick up the phone and call the people that have clicked or opened their campaigns consistently generate leads as a result of every campaign they do. Why? because those contacts are warm, they’ve seen your brand and you have an idea of what interests them before you even speak with them.

Let Digital Marketing open the door for you?

Given what we do we certainly do not doubt the power of digital marketing when done correctly, what we are suggesting is that Digital Marketing can be used to create demand, creating warm prospects enabling your team to spend more time speaking with warm qualified contacts and less time cold calling and cleansing data.

It is our view that telephone follow up by people with in-depth knowledge of your products/services, to individuals that have already shown buying signs, always leads to better conversion.

Digital Marketing has it’s place, but conversation builds relationships.

So in summary 360 marketing can be explained as a series of multi channel marketing activities, online and offline, which are planned and executed in a joined up manner consistently, with actual human follow up resulting in NEW Customers…

As previously explained your marketing starts well before your actual campaigns are delivered, and it goes without saying that measuring is critical to understand which activities are working (converting), which are not and therefore what needs refining or dropping completely.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss any aspect of your marketing, or online presence, please get in touch.

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