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Did I hear you say LinkedIn Marketing doesn't work?

Did I hear you say LinkedIn Marketing doesn't work?

If we had £1 for every time, we have heard this:

'Yeah, we’ve tried LinkedIn but it doesn't work.'

We would be a VERY rich!

LinkedIn for #b2bmarketing is hands down the go-to platform. Yes, it is expensive, but there is a reason for that. In fact, there are many reasons:

1 - The targeting abilities - imagine being able to reach your ideal audience target down to Job Title or function, this is incredibly powerful.

2 - Read point 1 again.

3 - Read point 1 again.

4 - Read point 1 again another 5x.

Be confident and invest in your strategy, toe dipping will not succeed

Do not approach lead generation on LinkedIn with £500, it will get you nowhere - and if anyone says it will, it won't. They're lying.

You absolutely must invest in your strategy, and that strategy should not be setting up a campaign to a completely cold net-new audience demanding their details via a lead form - you may as well walk over to your office shredder and shred that £500 the good it will do you.

Stop. Sit down, sketch out your objective, your strategy and what you will offer your target audience to reach that objective.

The objective is nearly always 'leads', which is fine, but you need to position your product/service in a way that drives demand for it.

So, you offer an accountancy service.... boom, so do 32,000+ other businesses on LinkedIn.

Content remains King

To generate demand, give away downloadable content, that has substance and provides information of value to guide their decisions throughout daily operations. Generate that curiosity in your audience. Then, do the same thing again with another piece of content, and again, and again - all the time utilising demographics reports and refining your audience to increase engagement content piece after content piece.

After a couple of months, you will 'feel' when the time is right to serve up your thought leading piece of content behind a gateway - that gateway is a LinkedIn Lead Generation Form.

Don't be a dummy, approach LinkedIn the correct way.

#linkedinadvertising #b2b #strategy

If you are planning to start using LinkedIn paid marketing or have had poor success in the past, please get in touch through our contact form, the Plexus team are always ready to help with free advice.

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