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Organisations are moving away from high CAPEX models in favour of solutions that are delivered as a service (OPEX model).  Coupled to this they require solutions that are constantly supported and able to evolve in line with business goals, objectives and messaging. Plexus were at the forefront of this change, removing the upfront costs associated with traditional website delivery models.

We are with you all the way, from initial project definition, design, delivery and beyond. We do not leave you to your own devices to populate or mange your website. Of course for clients that are inclined, every one of our packages comes with full content management, purposely built by us to be a very powerful, but also highly intuitive to use.

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For many clients, having an internal marketing team is cost prohibitive and for smaller businesses a full time resource is not actually necessary. Our team can create and deliver your marketing campaigns across all media and will work alongside you to help formulate a strategy that is aligned with your goals and objectives. For smaller companies we can act as a fully outsourced marketing team, bridging the gaps between internal departments. For larger clients we can complement internal marketing resources, supporting them with strategy and messaging where required.


IT Channel Development

The IT Channel is the most scalable way to extend your brand presence, grow your sales pipeline and then win and retain a solid customer base. However, for many new software and hardware vendors dealing with the distribution giants can be both a frustrating and expensive experience with poor return on investments.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the EMEA IT Channel we can help you to reach your end user target buyers with impactful campaigns, announce your solutions effectively through regional channel press and analysts, and ultimately make the channel come to you due to demand for your solutions. As we grow your channel base with you we can also assist with channel strategy including partner enablement, on boarding, incentives, technology alliances and closely measured MDF campaigns.

For many technology start-ups we recommend an initial direct to end user strategy to gain brand recognition, reference wins and to build a database of prospects for re-marketing. When you reach the position where you can start to provide warm leads to channel partners then you will undoubtedly garner more attention.


Cloud Communications

For many organisations the last core business function clinging on to its physical on-premise roots is the telephone system and the Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Aside from the costs and challenges of supporting these legacy systems, the way your staff and your customers now communicate in both their personal and professional lives has changed rapidly over the last decade. Almost everybody who uses a mobile phone communicates with friends and family through one or more of an ever growing list of Omni-channel capable applications.

Moving to a cloud based Unified Communications (UC) platform will mobilise your workforce, allow your organization to reach customers over multiple social channels and provide tight integrations with your CRM and back office systems.


Why choose us

We work in true partnership being accountable for everything we do. We do not believe in making things sticky for customers or hiding behind contracts, we simply want a relationship that works both ways.

If we do not deliver then why should you be held to a contract? We are a monthly pay as you go service that you can turn off, on or scale both up or down at a moment’s notice.


Why we are different

Our goal is to provide the quality service, great customer experience and innovative solutions.

We are confident you will not want to leave us, so for every service we directly deliver we don’t need a contract to make you stay!

You are no longer on your own, you have a team of experts behind you. You get to carry on doing what you do best!

We want to be accountable for every service we deliver, providing reports, results and actionable data, along with transparent feedback, both good and bad.

Some success stories

Here you will find some of our recent projects. We have a varied client base incorporating sole traders, a small businesses through to larger corporates.

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